About us

magic-wandWe are a small independent business that started more than 20 years ago out of passion and love for children.

We create hand-made toys and puppets, produced with a lot of care from brand new materials, very soft and pleasant to touch. They consider no risk for being used by children of all ages, but we recommend them for children of 3 years or more.

We are located in Bistrita, a medieval town in the heart of Transylvania, the most popular region of Romania.

The founder of this brand is Corina Vincze, and she started by creating toys for her own daughters. She was inspired by the little girls reaction and decided to go one step forward and transform her hobby into a business.

Everything happened step by step with a lot of uncertainty and many rehearsals, but now, after more than two decades of fun and development she is convinced that everything has been worth it.​