Frog Prince

The Frog Prince

A beautiful story that teaches children to keep their promises once they are made.

It is a story about a spoiled princess that dropped her golden ball into a pond and promised to become friend to a frog just to get her ball back. After she gets the ball back, the princess forgets about her promise. The frog follows the princess to the castle and when the king hears about this event, he is very disappointed with his daughter and tells her to keep her promise. Only after she takes the frog into her room and kisses it good night the disgusting frog transforms itself into a charming prince.

The story appears published in 1812, in the first Brothers Grimm fairy tales collection. In the original notes there were two stories, one was named The Frog Prince and the other one named The Frog King. The fairy tales collection was translated in English by Edgad Taylor in 1823 and he combined elements of both stories and chose to name the story The Frog Prince.