The Magic Box

The Puppet Box

Price: 300 EUR

1. It includes 12 hand-made puppets: all the characters from Three Little Pigs, Red Riding Hood and Frog Prince. The Magic Box comes with a Puppet Theater Stage absolutely FREE of charge.

2. The Puppet Theater Stage is made of 4 wooden sticks very easy to put together and disassemble whenever you are not using it. The Audio stories can be used to simplify the teacher’s work, as there is no need to read the text or make the character’s voices while maneuvering the puppets.

All the 12 puppets have an educational character and they are meant to teach the children:
      • to keep their promises (The frog prince story)
      • not to talk to strangers (The red ridding hood story)
      • to do and take things seriously (The three little pigs story)

The puppets are suitable for small or large hands and they are very easy to play with. They are made for long term use and they are about 40 cm tall.

The puppets are made of new soft textiles and filled with non-allergenic materials. They present no risk for children of any age, but we recommend them for children over 3 years old.